About Us

Andes Limited was established by its General Manager, Eduardo Castillo-Visani, a Chilean immigrant with Italian descent who arrived in Wellington in 2002, soon after Eduardo realised it was very difficult near to impossible to find South American products and it was at that moment that the dream of creating a South American food importation company was born.

Eduardo and Silvia together with their four children live in Wellington and are a multinational family, consisting of Argentineans, Chileans, Kiwis and Uruguayans, giving them the advantage of knowing the typical products of each of these countries.

Andes was originally created in 2005 to import chilean wines and typical chilean spices to New Zealand. However, it took 10 years to make this dream come true. Thus in 2015 Andes resumes activity with a clear objective; import quality South American products at the best price.

Andes is the only Company in New Zealand delivering you the flavours of South America with the largest variety of products, we have a courier system of delivery throughout New Zealand with online tracking of your products purchased through our website.

We import and sell our products on our website and also distribute them to a large number of stores selling ethnic foods.

Andes wants to be your place where you can reunite with the flavours you are yearning for in the distance and become the first and only source for all your needs of Latin-American food. That is why we are working every day to bring new products to our wide range.

Quality, price, customer service and Latin flavour, are some of the qualities that you can expect from Andes.

If you have any suggestions regarding a product that you would like to buy and is not currently available in New Zealand, please send us your suggestions and we will do our very best to please you.

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